AmeriCorps members have long days. Some longer than others depending on where you serve. At Apopka’s NDMVA site, members serve in various locations including local high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, colleges and a domestic violence shelter. Though my schedule varies slightly at the high school and for special events – this is a glimpse at my longer days, a typical Tuesday or Thursday.

 6:00 am –  Leave my house. Since AmeriCorps stipends won’t get you rich, I live with my parents. Pro: I don’t pay rent. Con: I live 45 minutes away from Apopka.

7:00 am – Arrive at Apopka High School.

7:15 am – The school day begins. I serve in a success classroom for freshman. We have six periods a day  containing approximately 200 students. They have life skill lessons once a week and work in a computer lab on Mondays. Three days a week they have independent study at which point I tutor them in a wide range of subjects: anything they need help with.

8:14 am – Second Period

9:10 am – Third Period. My classroom’s planning/free period time. On Fridays, I volunteer in Apopka High’s food pantry, The Darter’s Nest. Typically I assist in stocking the shelves and putting together bags of food for students who might otherwise go hungry over the weekend.

10:00 am – Lunch. (This is my last break for the rest of the school day).

10: 25 am – On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I meet one-on-one with a student for 15 minutes of math tutoring.

10:31 am – Fourth Period.

11:27 am – Fifth Period.

12:23 pm – Sixth Period.

1:19 pm – Seventh Period.

1:45 pm – On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I meet one-on-one with my second student of the day for 15 minutes of math tutoring.

2:10 pm – The regular school day ends and after-school tutoring begins. A core group of students meet with me for 1.5 hours four days a week for tutoring mainly in their AP Human Geography class.

3:30 pm – Tutoring ends. This is generally time for me to eat (I have to pack two meals a day to save on the cost of being a snacker) and drive to the Hope Community Center for the second-half of my day.

4:30 pm – Twice a week, I tutor a first grader whose parents are unable to assist him with his homework due to language barriers.

5:30 pm – Tutoring ends. Since I live so far from work, I hang out during my short break at the Hope Community Center, which oftentimes means I end up helping out with something or preparing for my evening GED class.

6:00 pm – Preparation for GED class (heating up and serving food, organizing materials, setting up the room, etc. alongside other volunteers).

6:30 pm – GED class begins. I have a group of 8 students on approximately the same level. We work on both language and math, and I assist them in working through concepts, checking their work, etc.

8:30 pm – GED class ends.

9:30 pm – I finally arrive home.

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