There are those who inhabit the night and those who don’t. Some make their way home by midnight and curl up together within the lights and confines of a familiar, comfortable place. For others, midnight passes and they inhabit the wee hours of the morning – the hours when many places are closed and the pulse of life changes strikingly from that of the daylight hours. These nightwalkers know aspects of life unfamiliar to those who don’t venture out late. Once or twice, they might stay out late for a friend’s birthday or a special event, but they don’t often inhabit this world. Nightwalkers know how different the streets look in the dark and where they can buy a late-night taco or find a familiar face. When windows darken and businesses close, those who wander the streets all are seeking something. Like insects, they buzz together towards the lights, knowing there they will find companionship. For that is what all nightwalkers seek, though they might traverse the shadows from light to light in a band of friends, they forever seek that fill to the void. Despite the music and the pulsing bodies, the drinks and laughter and memories made, given the option most nightwalkers would probably stay in more than they go out – if they had the right person to spend the loneliest hours of the day with. Because despite the fun and adventure of the night, really those hours are for seekers and wanderers. “No rest for the wicked” goes the old adage, and though the dark is filled with sinners, other than the criminals who travel alone, nightwalkers are chasing demons together, chasing demons to fill a void. Eventually they will trade those hours for softer ones, but until then, they will inhabit the streets with knowledge of dive bars and free parking, street meat stands and cheap tacos, phone numbers to call for a ride, for some help, for some companionship. Insomnia and restlessness aside, nightwalkers often are merely trying to starve off loneliness by chasing the light.

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