It’s that time of year - media outlets are compiling “Best of…” lists, people are sharing their goals and resolutions, and my social media feeds are filled with life updates (mostly engagements. Ugh). I saw this tweet today, and it got me thinking. quote this tweet with your top 3 personal accomplishments of 2017 (you … Continue reading 2017.

A Long String of Goodbyes

Amidst student goodbyes and last day of class Instagram photos and watching undergraduates tentatively try on their brand new, unwrinkled caps and gowns, I had a stupid thought today – that I had gotten good at goodbyes. It hit me when I walked out of my favorite yoga instructor’s last class this evening, I’m not … Continue reading A Long String of Goodbyes

A Chance Encounter at a Gas Station and Musings on Being a Woman

I have always been an assertive person. I’ve never had a problem standing up for myself, both assertively and aggressively, and sometimes I have even been the unfair aggressor in a situation. I think this is why an event I experienced recently triggered a great deal of pause and reflection for me. While visiting a … Continue reading A Chance Encounter at a Gas Station and Musings on Being a Woman

Je Suis Charlie

As a child born under a flag of red, white and blue I have never known a time that I’ve been silenced. Pencils are available in any drugstores, school is provided and required, public library cards are free and the world is at my fingertips – through the internet, through the books I read, and … Continue reading Je Suis Charlie