The Year of the Yes Woman

In the waning days of the fall of 2013, one of my wisest friends urged me to say “yes” to things more. I was on the verge of a new relationship and warily dipping my toe over the line. I believe her intentions were for me to stop overthinking every decision, to stop letting my … Continue reading The Year of the Yes Woman

Suddenly, it’s September.

Suddenly it’s September. It’s still too hot to be outside for long and the days aren’t too short yet, though it’s darker and darker in the mornings as I drive to work. Labor Day weekend has passed, but there is still time to plan beach adventures and sunburn by the pool. Suddenly it’s September.It was … Continue reading Suddenly, it’s September.

Summer Birthdays

Birthdays aren’t only for the one being celebrated. Though birthdays normally involve toasts and cute cards with heartwarming notes, and fill the one celebrating with love and gratefulness…birthdays are also for their friends, for their family, for their loved ones and the ones celebrating them. I have several summer birthdays in my life – dear … Continue reading Summer Birthdays


There are those who inhabit the night and those who don’t. Some make their way home by midnight and curl up together within the lights and confines of a familiar, comfortable place. For others, midnight passes and they inhabit the wee hours of the morning – the hours when many places are closed and the … Continue reading Nightwalkers.